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Technical Symposium | WPC 2020

Tuesday, 18 August 2020, 12.00 hrs – 13:30 hrs

Palais des Congrès de Paris
2 Place de la Porte Maillot
75017 Paris

Raising Poultry Today for Tomorrow
Innovative solutions for sustainable production

Are you attending the World Poultry Congress in Paris?

This year we are organizing a technical symposium “Raising Poultry Today for Tomorrow” as part of the congress plenary session.

The three speakers from DuPont Animal Nutrition will present innovative solutions for sustainable production and discuss the challenges the poultry industry is facing.

Please join us at this lunch event!


Reduce feed costs and environmental impacts: factors to be considered when optimizing your

phytase dose

Yueming Dersjant-Li, PhD, Senior Scientist, DuPont

Address specific dietary challenges: applying substrate-based matrix values for enzyme


Anne-Marie Debicki-Garnier, Technical Director, AN EMEA, DuPont

Improve health and performance: using probiotics and enzyme technologies synergistically

Kirsti Gibbs, PhD, Poultry Lead, DuPont


Yueming Dersjant-Li, PhD, Senior Scientist

Yueming Dersjant-Li, PhD, is a senior scientist with the Global Innovation group within the DuPont Animal Nutrition industry team – which is part of DuPont Nutrition & Biosciences. At present, her main research area is enzyme application in non-ruminants animals. She obtained her PhD degree at Wageningen University (WUR) and has been working in the animal feed industry for many years. She has published numerous papers in peer-reviewed journals, conference proceedings and commercial magazines.

Yueming Dersjant-Li, PhD, Senior Scientist

Anne-Marie Debicki-Garnier, Technical Director, AN EMEA

Anne Marie Debicki-Garnier, Technical Director for the EMEA region, has worked at DuPont Animal Nutrition since 2001. In her role she ensures the transmission of all technical information & tools to implement optimal tailor-made solutions in each EMEA sub-region. She has degrees in Animal Physiology and Chemistry from the University of Sciences in Toulouse and in Agronomical Engineering from Ecole Nationale Supérieure d’Agronomie, where she also achieved her MBA.

Anne-Marie Debicki-Garnier, Technical Director, AN EMEA

Kirsti Gibbs, PhD, Poultry Lead

Kirsty Gibbs holds a PhD in Microbiology from the University of Liverpool and a BSc in Veterinary pathogenesis from the University of Bristol. Her PhD thesis focused on the characterisation and epidemiology of Avian Pathogenic E. coli in UK broilers. After a short spell in academia as a post-doctoral research associate investigating the infection mechanisms of Campylobacter in different broiler breeds, she joined DuPont Animal Nutrition in early 2014 as a Global Technical Specialist. In 2017, she was appointed as the Poultry Lead for DuPont Animal Nutrition’s Innovation team. She is responsible for overseeing the development and commercialisation of all poultry related solutions. Special interests of her include host: microbe interactions, microbial pathogenesis and the avian immune system and using such information as a foundation to developing new and effective solutions.

Kirsti Gibbs, PhD, Poultry Lead

Moderator: Julien Kanarek, Global Poultry Segment Leader

Originally from France, he graduated with a MSc in Animal Nutrition & Health partly done in Beauvais’ Institute of Agrosciences (North of Paris) and UC Davis where he specialized in comparative animal nutrition. Julien brings over 10 years of experience in animal nutrition focusing on sustainable and alternative routes to successful antibiotic free livestock production.

We look forward to welcoming you in Paris!

The DuPont Animal Nutrition team


About World Poultry Congress 2020

Agriculture in general, and livestock in particular, are facing major challenges in the near future. The poultry sector has major assets to meet the expectation of the world population, provided that it can anticipate changes needed for sustainable production systems. WPC2020 aims to bring a major contribution to these challenges for the benefit of the world population.

The program will include an exhibition for companies within the Congress Centre and the scientific program will make it highly interactive and interdisciplinary.

About World Poultry Congress 2020
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