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Calculate your energy savings

We are very happy to present our novel Energy Simulation Calculator to you, which is the result of a collaboration between Briggs of Burton and DuPont Nutrition & Biosciences.

The mashing Energy Simulation Calculator is calculating savings obtained when changing raw materials (grist’s) and mashing regimes. Some mashing regimes and raw material combinations are sometimes only possible when using specific DuPont solutions and equipment configurations while other only need supplements of enzymes to get a great result and ensure you maximize efficiency, ensure consistency and protect the quality of every brew you make.

Calculate your energy savings

The model

Briggs of Burton and DuPont Nutrition & Biosciences have collaborated to give you the best possible tangible inputs – both on a sustainability and savings perspectives. The results are visualised in a Sankey Diagram with potential savings in heating energy, water usage, and carbon equivalent identified.

Feel free to be inspired by the two cases shown in this section and please contact us for how to Brew Better and more sustainably!

By using the model the changes to mashing profiles are compared and the resulting energy consumption data and cost, explained.

The model

Select a showcase

Example 1
All Malt vs. Malt: Corn (70:30)
Example 1
Example 2
Malt: Corn (60:40) (Cooking 99°C vs. 85°C)
Example 2

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We hope that the Energy Simulation Calculator has inspired you to become even greener.

We can support you to:

1. Understand energy consumption during mashing/cereal cooking
2. Getting a higher understanding of the impact of different raw materials, processes and Dupont enzymes
3. Sharing knowledge and learning together

Please contact us and we will work with you, with your data. Based on the conversation we will generate the resulting Sankey diagram, and saving potential.

Please fill in your contacts details and any comments and we will contact you shortly.

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