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Enzymes for brewing and distilling from DuPont

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Brew something different

At DuPont, we know all brewers are unique, and they want to produce different and distinctive beers. This creativity is at the heart of brewing and it’s something we want to celebrate. We’d love to work with you on your next challenge, helping you break new ground in brewing whilst ensuring you maximize efficiency, ensure consistency and protect the quality of every brew you make.

Brew something different

Enzyme solutions cover a range of brewing applications

Profit from the power of brewing enzymes and sharpen your competitive edge
 with cost-effective production, optimal raw material use and higher yield. 

The benefits of brewing enzymes are easy to see. Optimal extraction, improved throughput and relieved processing bottlenecks all result from our enzymes’ ability to secure more consistent mashing, improve filtration and optimize the use of variable raw materials.

Solutions designed for efficient starch liquefaction securing brewhouse yield.
Solutions designed for flexible raw material optimization, Free Amino Nitrogen (FAN) generation, Diacetyl control and fermentation speed.
Solutions designed for filtration enhancement through viscosity reduction securing speed and brewhouse yield.
Solutions designed for saccharification & attenuation control

The brewing process, illustrated step-by-step

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Brewing Brut IPA with DuPont enzymes

Brut IPA has taken reduced dextrin beers from light to luxurious, from diet to delicious. This newcomer looks set to become a classic. Dry, hoppy, effervescent and so easy to enjoy.

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Transforming Communities One Glass at a Time

A pint of East Africa’s Eagle Lager Beer looks like most other lagers. But this beer is designed to do more than just quench thirst: by using locally-sourced sorghum, it seeks to transform society for the better - one glass at a time.

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Visit DuPont at these upcoming brewing industry events:

Calendar 12-14 November 2019
Place Nuremberg, Germany
Tag Tradeshow Conference Brewing enzymes Food and beverages
Our brew masters and industry specialists are looking forward to connecting with you at BrauBeviale 2019. Come and find out how our portfolio of brewing enzymes can help you brew unique, consistent quality, and tasty beer styles at our stand.
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Whatever the weather

Optimal Brewing with DuPont Brewing enzymes.

Challenges for brewers can include finding measures to overcome higher gelatinization temperatures, lower speed of mash separation and higher costs. DuPont™ Laminex® and Diazyme® enzymes help brewers overcome these obstacles to maintain high production output and quality while reducing costs and CO2 emissions.

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Enzyme Safe Handling Guide

The DuPont enzyme safety program has been designed to cover the key elements of enzyme safety and provide resources to help our customers with sound risk management practices to work safely with our enzyme products.


Contact our brewing experts to find out more.

Latest news in brewing

Beer without Barley? Brewing beer using 100% Adjuncts and DuPont Enzymes
Traditional beers are brewed from malted barley, hops, water and yeast. Adjuncts are unmalted raw materials which can be added to the mash to increase stability, reduce costs, or ensure a particular quality in the beer.
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Brewing Brut IPA with the DuPont Enzyme toolbox
Brut IPA has taken reduced dextrin beers from light to luxurious, from diet to delicious. This newcomer looks set to become a classic. Dry, hoppy, effervescent and so easy to enjoy.
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Tag Our Science Food and beverages Brewing enzymes
Africa Brewing Conference 2019
DuPont is gold sponsor of the Africa Brewing Conference organized with VLB in Berlin. This will be the first Brewing conference launched in this particular region in Africa and we're excited to meet up with brewing professionals from Africa and the broader EMEA region at the event. 
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Calendar 21-23 May 2019
Place Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
Tag Thought Leadership Conference Brewing enzymes Food and beverages Africa
Optimal brewing with DuPont enzymes: Whatever the Weather
Optimal brewing with DuPont enzymes: Whatever the Weather
IN THE LAB + IN THE WORLD: DuPont Brewing enzymes and the 2018 European Malting Barley harvest – Implications for the brewing industry
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