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Axtra® PHY GOLD sets a new industry benchmark as the most bioefficacious phytase enzyme currently on the market.

It is proven to deliver exceptional results in both swine and poultry performance.

It is proven to deliver exceptional results in both swine and poultry performance.

The new gold standard for feed phytases



Axtra® PHY GOLD delivers superior performance in your animal feed:

  • Enables optimum phosphorous uptake
  • Reduces the anti-nutritional effects of phytate
  • Increases the availability and absorption of costly energy and amino acids
  • Provides market-leading thermostability under a wide range of pelleting conditions
  • Highly active, even at low pH levels

And proven benefits:

  • Greater feed cost savings
  • Improves animal growth and development
  • Drives the science towards inorganic phosphate free diets, without compromising animal performance
  • Accurate and effective phytase dosage tailored for your business needs
  • Improves sustainability

Why do animals need Axtra® PHY GOLD in their feed?



Phosphorous is a critical nutrient in animal growth and development - particularly when it comes to bone formation in young animals. Yet, ensuring optimum levels are utilized by swine and poultry is a major challenge for producers.

With Axtra® PHY GOLD, you can be confident that your livestock and your business are maximizing the full potential.

You simply won’t find a better solution.

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The best just got better
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