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Axtra® PHY

Discover the fastest-acting phytase to help you finish first. Our own animal trials as well as our customers’ results have proven that Axtra® PHY has the highest bio-efficacy compared to all other phytases currently available in the market. It works quickly in the digestive tract and has the highest activity at low pH. This doubles the rate of early phytate destruction to release more phosphorus overall and overcome phytate anti-nutrient effects.

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Find the uncommon thread: a material that transforms fabrics into experiences and weaves performance into the everyday. It’s the fiber that defines softness, with a resilience that defies boundaries. Sorona® fiber is as versatile as your imagination.

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SYNERXIA® THRIVE Fermentation System

The SYNERXIA® THRIVE Fermentation System will change the way you think about ethanol production by delivering results never before seen in industrial fermentations. SYNERXIA® THRIVE ADY is the result of a multi-year effort by DuPont scientists who developed a patent pending carbon efficient pathway, resulting in the next generation in yeast technology to deliver higher ethanol yields and robust performance across a range of conditions.

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Discover the next level of protection for environmental pollution. GENENCARE® OSMS PRO is unique combination of pure osmolytes and amino acids for skin care formulations, which helps the skin by protecting against oxidative stress, contributing to skin detoxification, and improving the skin barrier function.

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POWERBake® 6000 Enzyme Solutions

Let DuPont help you improve the profile of your bakery formulations with the POWERBake® 6000 enzymes product range.

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"Collaboration is at the heart of everything we do."

At DuPont Industrial Biosciences, our customers are more than customers—they’re our partners and our collaborators. Together, we drive innovation for continued global progress. Our commitment to collaboration, along with our integrated, performance-driven orientation, enable us to advance the right solutions at the right time and right place.

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At DuPont Industrial Biosciences, we develop the essential innovations for society to thrive - helping our customers in a range of industries improve the sustainability and efficiency of their processes, and make products that are better, safer, and cleaner. The catalysts we create in the lab become catalysts for living a more sustainable life. In ways big and small, we’re in the world with you.


In the News: Our Products

3 April 2018
DuPont FERMASURE® Granted Patent
DuPont Industrial Biosciences Granted U.S. Patent for Prevention of Bacterial Growth in Fermentation Processes
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Tag Product Launch Sustainability Starch-Based Fuel Ethanol Bioenergy FERMASURE
28 February 2018
DuPont Announces GENENCARE® OSMS PRO, Natural Osmolyte Complex for Pollution Protection
Personal Care Breakthrough to Launch at InCosmetics Global April 17-19, 2018
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Tag Product Launch Our Science Tradeshow Personal Care GENENCARE osmolytes
<img class="lazyloading responsive" style="opacity: 0.6;" alt="DuPont Launches Robust Fermentation Solution SYNERXIA® THRIVE" width="460" height="258" src="typo3conf/ext/tc_sys/Resources/Private/Images/lazyloading-16-9.png" title="" data-src="typo3temp/GB/csm_IB-B-SynerxiaThrive-Hero_8406ed4ca9_2336cfcfba.jpg" /> <div class="kind"> <span>20 November 2017</span> </div>
DuPont Launches Robust Fermentation Solution SYNERXIA® THRIVE
DuPont has announced the launch of SYNERXIA® THRIVE Fermentation System, the newest innovation in the company’s synergistic fermentation system technologies. The new fermentation...
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Tag Starch-Based Fuel Ethanol Product Launch Bioenergy Synerxia Ethanol Fermentation Yeast
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