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Global Production and Supply Chain Excellence

Global reach and personal service to exceed customer expectations

With production sites spread across four continents, DuPont manufactures and ships products around the world using a variety of resources, methodologies and tools. Our aim is to ensure the highest level of customer service, while continuously working to reduce our environmental footprint and acting responsibly within the communities where we operate. 

Global Production and Supply Chain Excellence
Global Biotechnology Operations - by numbers

Global Biotechnology Operations - by numbers

By the numbers

Novel Supply Solutions

Telemetry and automated replenishment

For a select group of customers we provide consignment stock options, which we monitor through telemetry systems on-site. Going one step further, we offer these valued customers the option of automated replenishment, whereby the customer will always have the needed supply of enzymes in stock to optimize their operations.

Novel Supply Solutions

Meeting Delivery Times

Every time.

We aim for exceptional reliability and speed in getting our products from our manufacturing sites to our customers’ facilities. Our commitment is on-time and on-target delivery.

Meeting Delivery Times

Environmental stewardship:
protecting and preserving our world

Here are just three of the many ways we work to minimize the environmental impact of our global operations:

Package Recycling
Package Recycling
Whenever possible, paper packaging and totes are returned to our supplier for recycling. And drums that used to be made of fiber are now made of carton, which is almost completely recyclable.
Truck Load Optimization
Truck Load Optimization
We optimize our fuel use by ensuring trucks are filled to maximum capacity, and also arrange for return loads, so that our truck is filled both ways.
Electronic communications
Electronic communications
Documents such as invoices and Certificates of Analysis are routinely emailed rather than sent via postal mail or with the shipment, which saves a significant amount of paper each year.

Quality Certifications include:

ISO 9001

ISO 14001   

ISO 13485

FSSC 22000

OHSAS 18001






Customer service and support

Our goal is to constantly exceed expectations, so our customer relations team sits right at the start of our supply chain. From global ordering and inventory visibility to annual customer satisfaction surveys, we are in frequent contact to improve product quality and delivery of our products. Regional teams are standing by - visit our Customer Center for contact information and other resources for our valued customers.

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