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Over a quarter century of customer-focused innovations for society to thrive
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Bringing together the expertise from two pioneers of biotechnology has yielded a unique combination of strengths in enzyme technology, materials science, and bioprocessing.

DuPont brings decades of innovation in the development of enzymes, specialty proteins and biochemicals to deliver game-changing solutions for a range of industries. Our unswerving focus on innovation and market-based research has resulted in an unrivalled track record of “firstsˮ in the history of industrial biotechnology. Today, our growing portfolio enables us to deliver even more innovative solutions, to help solve some of the world’s greatest challenges - and those of our customers. 

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"What Used to Take us two to three years...we can do now in two to three weeks."

Two of our leaders discuss our legacy of biotechnology innovation, and how it's driven us forward for over 25 years.

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