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DuPont Announces GENENCARE® OSMS PRO, Natural Osmolyte Complex for Pollution Protection

28 February 2018

Personal Care Breakthrough to Launch at InCosmetics Global April 17-19, 2018

WILMINGTON, Del., Feb. 28, 2018 – DuPont Industrial Biosciences (DuPont) today announced the launch of GENENCARE® OSMS PRO – a new product for the personal care industry that helps protect skin from pollution, while contributing to the natural cellular defense process.

Unlike other products on the market, GENENCARE® OSMS PRO is made from natural and pure ingredients, satisfying growing consumer demand for transparency. This novel natural skin protection product is based on the principle of osmoprotection. Osmolytes have the ability to manage water balance in cells and, in skin, they are part of the natural moisturization factor (NMF).

Video: DuPont's Piera Pericu discusses the link between pollution and aging, and how brands are responding to the anti-pollution trend.

“Personal care is the space to watch right now, with more groundbreaking innovations than ever before, and a consumer base that is incredibly drawn to new products with sustainable ingredients,” said Simon Herriott, vice president and global business director, Bioactives at DuPont. “GENENCARE® OSMS PRO marks the latest in our expanding portfolio of offerings in this market, and we look forward to working closely with our customers to bring this unparalleled skin protection to their consumer products.”

With the exponential rise in global urbanization comes increased pollution. Consumers are concerned about the link between exposure to pollutants and health issues, including premature skin aging, pigmentation and worsening of inflammatory skin diseases. By improving the skin barrier function and helping the natural skin defense, GENENCARE® OSMS PRO will help consumers better protect their skin – all while using a combination of natural, pure ingredients.

DuPont will officially unveil GENENCARE® OSMS PRO in Amsterdam, April 17-19 at the in-cosmetics® global tradeshow.

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“Personal care is the space to watch right now, with more groundbreaking innovations than ever before, and a consumer base that is incredibly drawn to new products with sustainable ingredients."
Simon Herriott, VP & Global Business Director, Bioactives


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