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Upcoming Events

Calendar 30 October 2018 - 2 November 2018
Place Bangkok, Thailand
Tag Tradeshow Personal Care Microbial Control
In-Cosmetics Asia
The exhibition brings over 400 international exhibitors of ingredients, fragrances, lab equipment, testing and regulatory solutions with over 10,300 Asia Pacific personal care creators. in-cosmetics Asia is the Asia Pacific launch place for innovation in ingredients and technologies, providing 100% free education and consumer insights for formulators, R&D and regulatory professionals.
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Calendar 31 October 2018 - 1 November 2018
Place London, United Kingdom
Tag Industry Insight Conference Microbial Control Microbes Oil Reservoirs
Reservoir Microbiology Forum (RMF) 2018
Join DuPont at RMF — an excellent multi-disciplinary platform which brings together oil producers, scientists, technologists, engineers, academics and researchers from around the world to present, share and discuss the widespread and versatile effects of microbes in oil reservoirs
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Calendar 31 October 2018 - 1 November 2018
Place London, United Kingdom
Tag Conference Microbial Control
Reservoir Microbiology Forum
Reservoir Microbiology Forum focuses the various aspects of microbiology. The topics that will be discussed in Reservoir Microbiology Forum on focal points such as petroleum and subsurface microbiology, mitigation and remediation strategies.
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Calendar 2 November 2018
Place Cookstown, United Kingdom
Tag Conference Animal Nutrition poultry animal feed
Northern Ireland Poultry Conference
The event, which is to be chaired by Moy Park director of agriculture David Gibson, will be broken into morning and afternoons sessions and will feature a range of speakers from across the sector.
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Calendar 06-8 November 2018
Place Brussels, Belgium
Tag Conference Starch-Based Fuel Ethanol Bioenergy FO Licht Fuel Ethanol Grain Processing
FO Licht World Ethanol & Biofuels Conference
DuPont is proud to sponsor World Ethanol & Biofuels - Where global leaders in the industry meet, do business and plan for the future.
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Calendar 6 November 2018
Place Gothenburg, Sweden
Tag Sulfuric Acid Industry Insight Conference Clean Technologies Sulphur Sulphuric Acids
Sulphur 2018
Firmly established as the premier industry event for the sulphur and sulphuric acid markets, Sulphur 2018 attracts over 550 industry professionals around the globe and covers key market trends, project updates and supply and demand forecasts.
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Calendar 06-8 November 2018
Place São Paulo, Brazil
Tag Collaboration Conference Animal Nutrition
PSA (Poultry Science Association) Latin American Conference
DuPont is pleased to be a Gold sponsor at this key scientific meeting which provides a venue for scientists or practitioners involved in teaching, extension, research, and commercial activities to present the latest research in all areas of poultry nutrition.
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Calendar 07-8 November 2018
Place Madrid, Spain
Tag Industry Insight Conference Animal Nutrition Animal Feed Antibiotics Enzyme Solutions
FEDNA Annual Congress
DuPont Industrial Biosciences will participate in the Annual FEDNA Congress in Madrid - join us to learn more about the future of animal nutrition, how to reduce antibiotics in animals' diets with our latest enzyme solutions and more.
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Calendar 13-15 November 2018
Place Nuremberg, Germany
Tag Tradeshow Brewing enzymes Food and beverages BrauBeviale Beverages Brewing Enzymes
Join DuPont Industrial Biosciences at BrauBevial2018: high-class raw materials, advanced technologies, efficient logistics and sprightly marketing-ideas for the beverage industry.
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Calendar 14-15 November 2018
Place Moscow, Russia
Tag Bioenergy Starch-Based Fuel Ethanol Tradeshow Carbohydrate processing Graintek Grain Processing Biobased
Graintek is a Forum & and Expo on grain processing & industrial biotechnology. Topics include gluten, starches, glucose and fructose syrups, bioplastics (succinic, lactic and other organic acids) and other value added fermentation products.
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Calendar 14 November 2018
Place Hannover, Germany
Tag Tradeshow Animal Nutrition Farming Animal Feed Enzymes
Join DuPont at Eurotier 2018 to gain insight into the latest innovations in animal farming.
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Calendar 27-30 November 2018
Place Cannes, France
Tag Thought Leadership Sustainability EMEA Conference Oil Refining Clean Technologies
ERTC - European Refining Technology Conference
ERTC (European Refining Technology Conference) is the place where Europe’s leading refiners and petrochemical producers meet to discuss and find the ideal solutions for all their technical challenges. This year's topics include new technologies, cyber security and plant automation, understanding the new skills needed within the workforce to maximise the benefits and many more.
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Calendar 1 December 2018
Place New Delhi, India
Tag Industry Insight Clean Technologies Fertilizers Seminar
Fertilizer Association of India - Annual Seminar
Meet us at the annual FAI seminar for industry insights into fertilizers efficiency, productivity and sustainability.
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