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GENENCARE™ Natural Active Ingredients for Personal Care

The personal care market is changing. Consumers are increasingly interestedin the origin and natural credentials of beauty products. For brands to be successful they must move with this trend and adapt their portfolio to suit. Building on our history of innovation and expertise, we’re introducing GENENCARE™, a  range of natural active ingredients that deliver benefits across skin and hair care applications. It is focused on delivering natural active ingredients to help answer increasing consumer needs for a more natural approach to personal care.  

Formulators will benefit from our established global distribution network and strong supply chain. Our commitment to innovation and wide expertise across a number of industries, combined with our integrated science capabilities, enable us to stay at the forefront of progress - delivering the best ingredients available. Our team of experts can also advise on the specific benefits of each natural active ingredient.

GENENCARE™ natural active ingredients: turn nature into nurture.


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