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Food Enzymes

Enzymes are proteins present in all living cells, from microorganisms to plants, animals and human beings. They function as catalysts for the thousands of biochemical reactions that take place in these cells. 

By adding modern science and knowledge to nature’s own material, the DuPont™ Danisco® range of enzymes are optimized to bring added value and previously unattainable functionalities to many food products. Our enzymes help extend shelf life, optimize production, add texture, ensure quality consistency and reduce costs – gains that in turn enable our customers to reduce their water use, energy consumption and waste. Enzymes also support health and wellness aims by, for example, promoting the digestion of milk lactose, starch, proteins, fats and oils.

One example is POWERFlex®, an enzyme solution we developed for tortilla baking. While reducing the stickiness of the dough, this enzyme gives tortillas long-lasting freshness and improved flexibility, providing the manufacturers with new marketable claims. Using our enzymes can also increase production efficiency: in the brewing industry, our products improve beer filtration and significantly accelerate the lautering process. 

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