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Detergent Enzymes

Over the years, we have solved challenges worldwide – big and small – by working closely together with our customers, test institutes and peers throughout the detergents industry. 

It’s this collaborative approach that helps us to address the consumer trends, and offer real marketable claims for manufacturers in the laundry and automatic dishwashing markets. Our dedication to consumer-focused innovation means our detergent enzymes enable shorter wash cycles, less water usage and lower temperatures, without compromising on performance.

Consumers are at the heart of our innovation.

Learn about the global consumer trends and product developments that are helping to shape the way we clean.


Together we can inspire cleaner ideas.

Sustainability Survey: A Different Angle on Biobased Products

As part of a recent initiative to measure consumers’ awareness and interest in biobased household products, we have been conducting research into the perception of "green" products in the marketplace. We have conducted surveys specific to the detergents market at leading industry conferences worldwide.
Download the survey results >>