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Enzymes for the Production of Biofuels

Our revolutionary enzyme technology has enabled first generation bioethanol to reduce the environmental impact in many countries across the globe. Creating a market and infrastructure for bioethanol has also facilitated the development of second generation of biofuels. These new advanced biofuels use biomass such as corn stover, switchgrass and other agricultural and waste residues to produce cellulosic ethanol.

In 2007, we extended our market leadership with Accellerase®, the first commercially available enzyme for the conversion of biomass into cellulosic fuel ethanol. Today, with our uniquely integrated technology and operational experience, we are helping to drive the commercialization of cellulosic ethanol with turnkey solutions from feedstock to licensing and delivery.

As leaders in the enzymatic conversion of starch into fermentable sugars for fuel ethanol, DuPont Industrial Biosciences has continued to introduce new technologies that help companies meet legislative requirements and environmental responsibilities. These innovations have also improved operational efficiency by speeding up fermentation, increasing yields and reducing consumption of energy and natural resources.

Learn more about our advanced Biofuel capabilities:

Fuel Ethanol from Starch
DuPont Industrial Biosciences brings over 25 years' experience in developing starch-based bioethanol technology. 

Fuel Ethanol from Biomass (Cellulosic Biofuels)
Leading the way to enable biofuel producers to more cost-effectively manufacture ethanol from biomass feedstocks such as switchgrass, wheat straw and corn stover.


With integrated solutions for the production of fuel from biomass, DuPont is working to accelerate the commercialization of cellulosic ethanol in markets around the world. Learn more about our range of solutions across the biofuels value chain.