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Protecting what matters most.

We believe that life and our ecosystem are precious, so we’re working with customers, governments, NGOs, academics, and other organizations to protect them.  An important part of our mission is to help industry reduce their reliance on fossil fuels. Innovative solutions that replace petrochemicals with biobased alternatives are already helping many industries to become more sustainable.

Saving chemicals and water in textile production 
Textile wet processing traditionally presents environmental challenges. Large volumes of water are consumed during wet processing operations, and the combination of several high-temperature operations results in high levels of energy consumption. Regulatory and consumer pressure is demanding reductions in the environmental footprint of industrial processes—an imperative for the future success of the global textiles industry. PrimaGreen® enzyme solutions from DuPont allow for significant reductions in the amount of energy, water, and waste associated with producing textiles. What’s more, by enabling gentler processing, PrimaGreen® solutions can deliver the preferred-quality fabrics and contemporary apparel desired by customers.

Automobile tires without petrochemicals
Tire production is a huge industry, which uses an increasing amount of petroleum-based synthetic rubber. Together with The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company, we are co-developing an integrated process to manufacture BioIsoprene™ monomer  at industrial scale. This high-purity, biobased alternative to petroleum-based isoprene will enable Goodyear to produce high quality synthetic rubber for tires without dependence on petroleum-based materials.  In the future, manufacturers in many other industries – from adhesives to golf balls – mayalso be able to utilize this reliable, consistent biomaterial  that is not subject to fluctuating oil prices.

Safe, effective mold removal
Peracetic acid (PAA) is well known for its excellent capacity to clean surfaces and remove mold and stains. However, its practical use has been hampered because traditional, concentrated forms were potentially hazardous. DuPont has devised a unique, innovative product, using safe, powerful enzymes to solve this problem. The Optimase™ AE 1000 system starts with 0% PAA and makes only the effective concentration needed for cleaning.  Used by professional applicators in homes, offices, schools, clinics and industrial or recreational facilities, it is simply mixed with water for safe and convenient spray application


At DuPont, we believe that the answers to the greatest challenges facing humanity can be found through inclusive innovation.