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Protein Engineering

“Nature has already evolved the enzyme for its natural purpose. What we do is re-engineer it for its new task in our customer’s product or process.

Protein Engineering has always been a core technology here at Genencor. By substitutions, insertions or deletions of the 20 different amino acids – the building blocks an enzyme consists of – we can make it perform its task better, or increase stability in its eventual real-world environment.

Now we’ve developed new Accelerated Evolution techniques that enable us to optimize certain desirable properties in parallel. Compared to traditional optimization, that gives us a considerable advantage, delivering rapid evaluation and translation of target genes into the products.

The efficiency of our parallel systems also enables our Production colleagues to design and implement an economic, scaled up production system in much shorter time scales.

Or to put it another way, we can produce improved enzymes, better, faster and cheaper to the customer.”

“Enzymes are already configured by nature. We re-engineer them for their new task.”