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Protein Chemistry

“We develop enzymes for all kinds of industrial applications – from bio-ethanol as an alternative transportation fuel to laundry detergents that require less water, lower temperatures and produce less chemical waste.

In fact, when we accelerate enzyme performance in these areas, it directly contributes to reducing dependence on finite resources.

A good example of that is our work on high performance glucoamylases for grain processing. This group of enzymes hydrolyses corn starch to produce glucose for use in a number of important areas, including bio-fuel and brewing.

We need a purified enzyme without by-products to benchmark its performance accurately. We use advanced chromatography to accelerate purification of the glucoamylase variants, for efficient biochemical characterization and assay development.

In addition, we have developed new micro-scale purification techniques, which generate very clean samples, greatly improving our data quality. This is now contributing to the success of our Biomass screening programs.“

“High performance enzymes are better for our customers – and better for the environment.”