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High Throughput Screening

“If we are going to optimize a particular enzyme for its future work, we first need to identify promising mutations from a huge potential pool of possibilities.

High-throughput Screening is exactly what it sounds like. Timescales are always critical to our customers, so we’ve developed processes and equipment that allow us to screen huge numbers of enzyme variants on different properties very quickly and cost-effectively.

This helps us to predict the best mutations, to help engineer the protein faster for its eventual work in our customers’ process. So we can add value to the customer’s competitive edge by reducing time to market and provide superior products.

I’m sure that our vast experience with enzyme engineering will soon enable us to predict enzyme behaviour so accurately that our timescales will be significantly reduced. For me, that’s the holy grail.”

“With very large numbers of enzyme variants to assay, our technology enables us to identify candidates for optimization very quickly.”