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“The goal of enzyme recovery is to extract, concentrate, and purify as much enzyme as possible from the fermentation broth.

First, with fermentation and formulation, we develop and optimize the recovery process. We then scale up to production, making sure that stability, cost, yield and purity meet the formulation needs and the customer’s criteria.

Sometimes we have to develop a new recovery process. A good example is a new proprietary filtration technology for cell separation, which is now becoming a platform technology for our overall process.

The focus is always on the end product – that could be an enzyme that ‘stonewashes’ jeans, replacing high energy consuming processes. Or it might extend the shelf life of bread without additives, or save energy while doing the laundry or using the dishwasher.

Our goal is to develop enzymes that deliver significant environmental benefits.”

“We strive to decrease our environmental footprint through process development.”