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“The purpose of formulation is to get the enzyme to the customer in a usable format.

We already know the enzyme performs well, based on application tests and molecule optimization. So we can now put it into a form that provides stability, improves the aesthetics or targets delivery.

Enzyme products may be exposed to harsh environments – such as high temperatures or pH values – in both storage and use. It is the formulation that helps protect the enzymes.

For example, enzymes are blended into powder detergents that contain a bleaching component.  Both the enzyme and bleach are critical for the overall cleaning performance, but if the enzyme is unprotected the bleach can damage the enzyme during storage and its benefits may be lost.

By developing a solid granulated product that contains protective barriers, we can keep the enzyme and bleach separate during storage and optimize effective performance in the wash.

That’s pretty rewarding.”

“More effective product, more value to the customer. That’s pretty rewarding.”