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Bioanalytical Chemistry

“You can’t drive innovation without accurate, precise data. Bio-analytical chemistry generates usable data that may present opportunities that you weren’t expecting.

A good example of that is BioIsoprene™ monomer, a non-petroleum-based ingredient for – among other things – use in the production of synthetic rubber that is of high enough quality to make automobile tires.

In developing a fermentation process for this volatile hydrocarbon, we discovered that additional by-products were accumulating in the fermentation broth.  We are now exploring applications for these compounds as well.

The benefits of the BioIsoprene™ program are potentially huge in terms of additional biochemical products and new analytical capabilities – not to mention a more sustainable tire production, and the stimulation of our innovative culture.

Not so much ‘win-win’, as ‘win-win-win’.”

“Sometimes undesired by-products can reveal new opportunities”