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In this phase of the Innovation cycle, there is close collaboration with the production plant engineers to ensure that the transfer to large-scale production will be seamless – and as cost-effective as possible.

It starts with improving the organism that’s going to express the enzyme – what we call the “cell factory”. That includes predicting how it will behave during  large scale production, to ensure optimum performance in our manufacturing plants. After strains are fermented and enzymes are produced, we then recover those and prepare them for formulation, ensuring stability in the customer’s manufacturing process.

Insights gained throughout our Production processes are often fed back to Applications, and used to develop new game-changing biosolutions for our customers.

Learn more about how our dedicated people contribute to this phase of our cycle, in their own words:

  • Strain Improvement
  • Cell Biology
  • Pathway Engineeringg
  • Bioanalytical chemistry
  • Fermentation
  • Recovery
  • Formulation
Production optimization