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Molecular Biology

“At DuPont Industrial Biosciences, molecular biology is market-driven. From the customer’s application need, we translate the required performance to biochemical terms.

Our special expertise is to identify interesting ‘backbone’ molecules and make them available for further analysis by our biochemists and application analysts.

Then the enzyme of interest will be produced in a suitable host (called a cell factory), after which it will be purified and characterized.

After Protein Optimization and Application testing, the eventual product will be the best possible enzyme for the customer’s required outcome.

That could be cleaner clothes, greener biofuels, fluffier T-shirts or less-polluting textile bleaching. Every day, we’re hunting for an enzyme that will perform better, faster, cheaper and greener.”

“Molecular biology is market-driven. We’re hunting for backbone molecules with the best chance of meeting our customers’ needs"