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“Micro-organisms are endlessly fascinating; in nature, they can do anything. In fact, life on earth would be impossible without them.

The trick is to harness the capability of the highly efficient microbial proteins, and modify them to help produce the food, clothes, biofuels and animal feed we all rely on.

Genome mining can reveal a wide variety of interesting enzymes with industrial potential. We know how to pick the most interesting ones. Then we effectively design an artificial gene to place into a ‘screening host’ that will be very similar to the final production host.

We work very closely with our colleagues in production, so by the time the product is launched, the hosts are optimized to perform based on the needs of our customers’ production processes. Nature has no interest in washing machines. Fortunately, we know what it takes to optimize enzymes for cleaner clothes!”  

"Micro-organisms can do anything. The trick is to harness their activity to produce the things we need."