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Industry Applications Expertise

Focus on: Enzymatic Textile Processing

“We collaborate closely with the customer’s technical team from the very beginning – translating their specific challenges into biochemical terms, to determine where and how we can add value. 

In textile processing, that could be reducing operating costs. Or replacing the use of corrosive chemicals – or the use of silicon dust – to comply with safety legislation.

Often the need is to reduce consumption of water or energy. For example, we just launched a product for cotton ‘de-fuzzing’ that – combined with the dyeing step – enables a huge saving of precious water as well as production time. 

The shorter production cycle and improved ‘handle’ of the end product offer our customer a marketable advantage to the time-sensitive fashion and retail markets. As a bonus, there’s a significant reduction in environmental impact.”

“Our job is to help the customer get the best biosolutions at a reasonable cost. Reducing impact on the environment is a great bonus.”