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Enzyme Substrate Interactions

“Industrial applications are a pretty tough environment for our enzyme systems. We have to make them very robust to perform and survive in such challenging conditions.

For example, our product might have to do its work inside a steam pipe in our customer's grain processing plant. It often has to survive wide temperature fluctuations during transportation and storage at commercial sites. If the substrate is a laundry stain, for example, our enzyme needs to bind with it effectively within detergent.

From experience, we know which part of the enzyme we can most effectively engineer to bind to the substrate. From our deep understanding of the biochemical nature of the substrate, we can accelerate that reaction.

But enzymes can still throw some curveballs. So we’re here to make sure we eliminate those before the product goes to market.”


“Enzyme interactions can surprise you sometimes. One of our tasks is to eliminate surprises in the launch product.”