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The Innovation cycle really starts and ends with Applications. It involves working closely with our customers to identify their needs, then interpreting those needs on both a business and technical level.

That could be a high performance system that bleaches textiles enzymatically at lower temperatures and with lower water use, or converts corn starch to ethanol. It could also be a need to reduce energy and water consumption in an industrial process, or to reduce dependence on fossil fuels.

In practice, Applications is involved throughout the Innovation cycle, validating product performance and then working closely with our colleagues to develop model systems and perform scale-up testing, before going into development.

Learn more about how our dedicated people contribute to this phase of our cycle, in their own words:

  • Model Systems
  • Enzyme Substrate Interactions
  • Biochemistry
  • Industry Applications Expertise
Applying innovative bio technology to everyday products

Applications at Work: Biomass

Aaron Kelley
Director, Business Development
Aaron Kelley
Director, Business Development