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Enzyme Safe Handling Guidelines
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Enzyme Safety

DuPont Industrial Biosciences is committed to product stewardship and educating our customers on the hazards of enzymes and safe work practices to reduce the potential for occupational exposure. The DuPont enzyme safety program has been designed to cover the key elements of enzyme safety and provide resources to help our customers with sound risk management practices to work safely with our enzyme products. The recorded training modules outline the main pillars of a comprehensive enzyme safety protocol and should be watched consecutively. Click on a link below to access the respective training module. 

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Module 1 - Introduction to Enzymes

In this module you will understand what enzymes are and how they are produced, gain knowledge about the sustainable benefits of enzymes and learn how enzymes are developed and manufactured. Finally, you will be able to identify the uses of industrial enzymes in a wide range of commercial products and applications

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Module 2 - Health effects of enzymes

In this module we will illustrate the health effects of enzymes and how they are classified. You will also learn about the stages of respiratory allergy associated with enzyme exposure and specific symptoms, and understand the importance of early reporting and prevention.

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Module 3 - Working safely with enzymes

This module is dedicated to understanding the hierarchy of controls for risk management strategies to minimize enzyme exposure. You will learn about the various product forms for enzyme use and how to identify the specific types of engineering controls that are used to minimize enzyme exposure. Finally, you will learn about the administrative controls that are used to work safely with enzymes and you will be able to identify the types of personal equipment (PPE) to consider for appropriate selection.

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Module 4 - Enzyme monitoring

You will now review the established occupational exposure limits for enzyme safety, learn about the purpose of enzyme monitoring and how to develop an air monitoring strategy and an air sampling plan. Once completed, you will recognize the types of air monitoring equipment used for enzyme sampling and know how to identify the key elements for data analysis and decision making.

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Module 5 - Medical Surveillance

The goal of Module 5 is to understand the purpose and main objectives of a medical surveillance program. You will learn about the various components that make up a medical surveillance program and qualifications needed to complete medical testing, and review the evaluation guidelines that help to determine outcomes based on findings.

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