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Not Your Average Work Environment

More than just a corporate slogan, our shared commitment to improve the sustainability of household around the globe – and have a good time doing it – is at the core of our unique culture. It binds us together across continents, time zones, languages and cultures – and sets us apart from others in the field.

To help employees manage their commitments at work and at home, we offer flexible work schedules. Employees use this popular benefit to take care of family responsibilities, participate in personal enrichment or educational opportunities, or to volunteer in community and charity activities.

The Amazing Challenge!

Each year, our human resources team presents an "Amazing Challenge" to the organization meant to foster teamwork, creative thinking, and helps to bring us together as a global team as we work towards a common goal. In 2012, the Amazing Challenge theme was "Innovation", and encouraged employees to innovate around topics that relate to work atmosphere, environment, or well-being. The program allows employees to share their amazing stories and log their hours into an online system, so we can see how many hours we’ve collectively contributed to help make DuPont Industrial Biosciences an even greater place to work.

Making the world a better place to live

For instance, as part of our corporate community service, DuPont Industrial Biosciences employees participate in programs run non-profit organizations such as the Red Cross, but also engage in activities on an individual level. Examples are:

  • Fundraising for the Danish cancer foundation
  • Bringing used farmland back to its native state
  • Collecting food for the local food bank
  • Finding alternative ways to commute to work (running, biking, commuting)
  • Cleaning up litter at the beach or joining bottle recycling projects

Celebrating Success

At each of our sites around the world, we recognize and celebrate our success together and encourage personal enrichment. For instance:

  • In Palo Alto, CA, our employees celebrate their week's accomplishments at Friday afternoon "Zyme" parties with beer tasting, musical entertainment (sometimes provided by our own employees), and volleyball.
  • Our Rochester, New York site organizes monthly picnics and outings to baseball games and theater productions.
  • Our Finnish employees compete in volleyball, bowling, dart and golf tournaments, go on group nature walks, and book weekend trips and vacations at a summer cottage the company rents on the archipelago.
  • Employees at our plant in Arroyito receive boxes of candy monthly for their hard work.
  • Our staff in The Netherlands recently hosted an exhibition of employees’ artwork in the office lobby, complete with an opening reception.
  • Our colleagues in China organized a “Genencor China Family Day” recently with 150 employees and 120 of their family members

Our Unique Culture

Gregory Bohlmann
Director, Biochemicals
Gregory Bohlmann
Director, Biochemicals