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Why DuPont Industrial Biosciences?

Biotechnology is one of today’s fastest growing and most exciting career fields. Scientific breakthroughs unimaginable just a few years ago are revolutionizing nearly every aspect of our lives. From food, to clothes, to energy, we harness the power of nature to develop new products and processes that impact the sustainability of households around the globe.

At DuPont Industrial Biosciences we consider ourselves to have two core competencies:

  • Our cell factory: We engineer the metabolic pathways of micro-organisms to produce enzymes, proteins, and other molecules at industrial scale and economics.
  • Our culture: We are passionate about creating new and better products that improve the quality of our lives – both today, and for future generations.

While our enzymes may be found in nature, we consider our employees to be our greatest natural resource. We therefore work hard to maintain an environment that fosters and rewards creativity, innovation, and scientific discovery.

Our employees are excited about working at the forefront of their field and they embrace the challenges of this industry head-on.  Our work is organized around clear strategic objectives, but our environment is casual and informal - from the way we dress to how we interact. Our employees trust their management teams, take pride in their work, and genuinely enjoy working with their colleagues across the globe. Our working environment enables all of our employees to reach their highest potential.

We seek talented, energetic people who have the skills, interest, and experience to excel in this rewarding field. If you’re looking for a place to make a difference, come join us. We’re in it for good.

Our Employees: A Passion for Science

Wendy B. Rosen
Senior Communications Manager
Wendy B. Rosen
Senior Communications Manager