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Meet Pablo
Plant Manager | Argentina
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I lead a manufacturing team with qualified, motivated and challenging employees to produce enzymes which meet customer expectations according with the sales plan.

What does a plant manager do?

As plant manager, I lead a manufacturing team of qualified and motivated members to produce enzymes that meet customer expectations, in line with our sales plan. 

What's your favorite part of your daily work life, and why?

My role is to instill a customer-focused mindset in all our employees. We want to ensure customers are satisfied throughout every step of the supply chain. We want to encourage sustainable growth of our business, and we can do this with satisfied customers.

How would you describe how you collaborate either on your team or globally? 

My team often collaborates to share best practices. Global collaboration is present every day and it makes each of us better. We challenge each other to perform better and more efficiently. Being surrounded by excellence inspires and drives me to improve my own performance and improve the trajectory of DuPont Industrial Biosciences. 

How are we working towards sustainability in our science and solutions?

We’re working together with our customer partners to reduce consumption rates of raw materials and energy by finding new technologies to use. I’m most excited about what we’re doing in renewable energies.

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