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Meet Clementina
Fermentation Engineering Leader | Wilmington, USA
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I am a Fermentation Engineering Leader in our R&D organization: my team and I work on projects at designing, optimizing and scaling-up fermentation processes.

These processes enable our platform hosts to produce our high value products in the most optimal and cost-effective way.

What do you enjoy most in your daily work life?

Connecting with a global and multi-functional team. My day often starts with a call across geographies where everyone contributes and there's always an opportunity to learn.

What’s your favorite DuPont Industrial Biosciences invention or innovation, and why?

The 1,3-PDO and its related polymer DuPont™ Sorona® are the innovations that most embrace the DuPont Industrial Biosciences mission/aspiration (sustainability) and one of our core competencies (biotechnology) while delivering high, differentiated value and growth.

What inspires you most about your work at DuPont?

The fast innovation cycles provide you with an appreciation of the impact you can make on daily lives of people around the world.

What future innovation or cutting-edge technology are you most excited about?

In my opinion, polysaccharides are the next disruptive technology that I see in our portfolio of initiatives and that again builds on our mission of sustainability and our capabilities.

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