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DuPont's Next-Generation Yeast Technology Improves Yields for Ethanol Producers

IN THE LAB + IN THE WORLD: How a scientific breakthrough in yeast technology is driving the fuel ethanol industry forward.

DuPont’s long history of engagement in fermentation and yeast technology set the pace for the development of a new carbon-efficient pathway, DuPont™ SYNERXIA® THRIVE fermentation system. DuPont’s fermentation system delivers the next generation of yeast technology and is not only more effective and efficient, but is also more versatile in addressing specific plant needs. By incorporating SYNERXIA® THRIVE, DuPont can collaborate with customers for better, stronger yields with more efficient use of money and resources.

The SYNERXIA® THRIVE yeast diverts some of its sugar to a new PKL pathway, resulting in 2% higher yields. Expand
DuPont's Next-Generation Yeast Technology Improves Yields for Ethanol Producers

In the Lab:

DuPont™ SYNERXIA® THRIVE is designed to deliver superior yields and robustness in customer systems. While normal yeasts metabolize sugars into ethanol, CO2, and glycerol, SYNERXIA® THRIVE ADY diverts some of that sugar to its PKL pathway and converts those sugars directly to ethanol, resulting in up to 2% higher yield and without producing glycerol and CO2.

In addition to higher yields, SYNERXIA® THRIVE ADY has a better thermotolerance and response to stressors caused by organic acids and thermal excursions. It operates across a range of pH and solids. In fact, fermentations experiencing increased acids or higher temperatures showed increased ethanol, faster kinetics, and reduced stress response versus traditional yeasts.

But fermentation systems are not only yeasts; they need the right enzymes to make sure the yeast is fed. SYNERXIA® THRIVE LC was developed to specifically complement our new yeast. SYNERXIA® THRIVE LC is a new glucoamylase (GA) blend that incorporates de-branching technology to get the most out of your starch and keep your yeast happy.

The SYNERXIA® THRIVE Fermentation System blends the right combination of yeast and enzymes to deliver up to 4% more ethanol versus a conventional yeast and glucoamylase combination.


SYNERXIA® THRIVE improves the eco-efficiency and cost-effectiveness of the fermentation process. With this groundbreaking system, DuPont Industrial Biosciences effectively reduces strain on our shared environment while also providing customers with increased production by improving yields.

SYNERXIA® THRIVE outperforms conventional yeast across the board. In terms of thermotolerance, the system showed more robust performances at temperature executions of over 100ºF and for extended periods of time.

VIDEO: NA Sales Leader Cindy McCracken describes the higher ethanol yields SYNERXIA® THRIVE is producing in customer trials.

SYNERXIA® THRIVE gives ethanol producers the opportunity to integrate an unparalleled fermentation system into their business. We're thrilled to bring the technology to commercial scale, revolutionizing the industry with current & future partners.
Joseph DeSalvo, NA Industry Leader, Grain Processing

The active dry yeast eases handling and reduces the need for additional yeast. This represents flexible options for GA complement and options to fit cost and yield targets. Additionally, from its carbon efficiency to its unmatched robustness, and across a range of pHs, SYNERXIA® THRIVE produces up to 4% higher yields compared to a conventional yeast paired with a conventional GA. This process also reduces glycerol production by as much as 10%.

Ultimately, higher yields and lower waste mean better outcomes and less expensive production for customers.

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