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Production Capabilities

With 13 production sites located on four continents, DuPont Industrial Biosciences manufactures and ships product to over 85 countries around the world. We continue to invest in expanding and improving our efficiency to meet our customers’ needs. Here are some examples:

Plants and capabilities

In 2009, we completed a major expansion of our plant in Cedar Rapids (Iowa, USA). In Europe, our facility in Bruges, Belgium was recently upgraded. And plans are progressing for an expansion of our manufacturing facility in Beloit (Wisconsin, USA). These are just a few examples of how we are constantly working to ensure our operations meet and exceed the expectations from our customers around the world.

Growing with customers

Our planning department is in continual communication with customers to establish, anticipate and best serve their product needs.

Exceptional delivery times

We aim for exceptional reliability and speed in getting products from our manufacturing sites to our customers’ facilities. Our commitment is on-time and on-target delivery.

Enzyme production facility in Beloit, Wisconsin, USA