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sustainable world

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More sustainable choices

The choices we make today, big and small, will impact our world tomorrow.

From bread to biofuels, we partner with customers to deliver high-performance products and solutions that are better, safer, and cleaner.

Find out how we can partner for a better tomorrow, today. 

More sustainable  choices

Creating new pathways

Our 200+ years of science-driven innovation have led the industry to many firsts.

At the leading edge of modern biotechnology, we harness the power of nature to develop breakthrough bio-solutions—while protecting, preserving, and progressing positive change in the world.

Find out more about how our science moves the biotechnology industry forward.

Creating new pathways

In the World With You

At DuPont Industrial Biosciences, we develop the essential innovations for society to thrive - helping our customers in a range of industries improve the sustainability and efficiency of their processes, and make products that are better, safer, and cleaner. The catalysts we create in the lab become catalysts for living a more sustainable life. In ways big and small, we’re in the world with you.


DuPont Industrial Biosciences

By the numbers

Tiny Enzymes, Big Impact

An enzyme is a protein found in the cells of every living thing, from microbes, to plants, to people. Learn how enzymes work in nature, and how they make our work possible.


Activating positive change

We’re powered by our inherent drive to create a more sustainable world.

For over a quarter century, our team has combined visionary science with a passion for collaboration as a powerful catalyst to help solve some of the world’s greatest challenges.

Ready to be part of our team?


Worldwide and World-Class

Our global network of labs, offices, and production sites are coupled with the brainpower of over 2,700 talented individuals. See where we are in the world—and how you can reach us.


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